Biodiesel Online Library of Resources


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Biodiesel Web Sites

Biodiesel Fact Sheets and Publications

Biodiesel Powerpoints and Videos

  • Biodiesel Safety video A 10-minute video that helps home biodiesel producers to understand the safety precautions that must be taken when working with the chemicals used to produce biodiesel.

Commercial Publications

  • Biodiesel Magazine— this magazine aims to support the growth of the biodiesel industry.
  • Biofuels Magazine — published by Future Science, this is a peer-reviewed journal providing commentary and analysis on biofuels research.

Biodiesel Case Studies

Biodiesel Decision Tools

  • Oilseed Cost and Profit Calculator – The Vermont Oilseed Crop Production Cost and Profit Calculator is intended to allow farmers to assess potential costs and profits associated with oilseed production.  The tool is based in a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet and uses a simple, easy to use interface to collect cost factors.
  • University of Wisconsin Community Impact of Biodiesel and Bioethanol Plants Calculator – The community-decision software (BDBE) calculates the impact of siting a bioenergy plant in your community. The program is designed for Extension educators and local decision makers to evaluate expected community impacts based on three different activities: 1) total plant employment, 2) total plant sales, and 3) total income earned by plant employees.

Biodiesel for Children