Market Analysis for Biomass Growers

Example Analyses of the Wood Chips and Paperboard Manufacturing Industries as Biomass Markets.


Greene Team pellets. Photo: NEWBio

The production of biofuels is a primary intended use for biomass. Because the cellulosic biofuels industry is still developing, there is not yet sufficient capacity in biofuel refineries to utilize biomass crops grown for cellulosic biofuels. However, the bioeconomy overall is growing, and many products other than biofuels can be manufactured from biomass. These byproducts may be alternate markets [i] for …

On-Farm Biodiesel Production – Steps for Success

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This On-Farm Biodiesel Production – Steps for Success module is part of the Biomass Energy Training Curriculum, 13 modules developed through a Southern SARE grant and collaboration between Tennessee State University, the University of Tennessee,, and USDA-Rural Development. While it is written as a training guide for TN producers, much of the information is applicable throughout the Southeastern US region.

This curriculum is designed to increase the knowledge base of extension agents and local officials on biomass energy;

Planting and Maintenance of Willow Bioenergy Crops

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Terminating a cover crop in spring using a roller-crimper.
Terminating a cover crop in spring using a roller-crimper. The dead vegetation helps to minimize both erosion and competing weeds. Photo: Rodale Institute

Site Preparation for Willow Bioenergy Crops

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Well prepared willow field
A well prepared willow field and headland area ready for sowing of cover crop. Photo:SUNY-ESF

Solar Energy in Agriculture – Resources

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Websites – Solar

What is the difference between leasing land to a developer for a wind project and giving a developer a wind easement?

A lease gives the wind developer the right to possess the land specified in the lease. A lease should contain very specific terms about the period of time that the lease is valid and the rights and responsibilities of the landowner and the wind developer (tenant). The right to possess the land includes a certain amount of control over the land that is leased, and the landowner cannot interfere with the rights of the tenant during the period of the …

Biomass Combustion

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Using Combustion Heat for Energy

The end result of combustion is useful energy – typically in the form of heat, power, or both heat and power. This can be used to provide space heating for buildings, process heating for industrial needs, electricity for on-site use or sale to the grid, or the simultaneous generation of heat and electricity (so called “combined heat and power,” or CHP). Most commonly, the combustion heat is captured in the form of hot water, hot air or steam.

Most farms …