Wind Power On Farms

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Is wind energy a viable option for your home or business to lower reliance on the grid supplied electricity?  In this module, learn how to gauge your the wind resource where you live and calculate the likely annual electricity production.

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What is the difference between leasing land to a developer for a wind project and giving a developer a wind easement?

A lease gives the wind developer the right to possess the land specified in the lease. A lease should contain very specific terms about the period of time that the lease is valid and the rights and responsibilities of the landowner and the wind developer (tenant). The right to possess the land includes a certain amount of control over the land that is leased, and the landowner cannot interfere with the rights of the tenant during the period of the …

Wind Energy for Homeowners, Farmers and Small Businesses

Small wind energy systems may provide an economical source of electricity if you live in an area with fairly steady strong winds and at least one-half acre of open land.