Grass to Gas Winter Webinar Series 2023-24

Innovating a New Future for Anaerobic Digestion

Join us for monthly webinars on the emerging science that sits at the juncture of Renewable Natural Gas, Anaerobic Digestion, and Regenerative Agriculture.

Learn from thought leaders who are expanding what is known about transforming our agricultural sector in terms of its energy, economic, and ecological performance.

Engage in discussion about new discoveries about integrating biogas and regenerative agriculture together into the rural economy.

Who Should Attend?

All are welcome!  These webinars will be presenting new and emerging research in an engaging manner that is relevant to farms and agricultural communities.  As such, they are especially appropriate for farmers, students, researchers, ag professionals, and others who are interested in anaerobic digestion and envisioning new approaches to farming, energy, and the ecosystem.


    • 17 October, 2023, 12n Eastern / 11am Central:
      C-CHANGE Grass2Gas: Transdisciplinary engagement toward creating a new biobased value chain from perennial and winter crops.  Lisa Schulte-Moore, Iowa State University
    • 14 November, 2023, 1pm Eastern / 12n Central:
      New Targets, Sustainable Markets: Reimagining Anaerobic Digestion for the Future.  Tom Richard, Penn State University
    • 12 December, 2023, 1pm Eastern / 12n Central:
      Emerging strategies for increasing the profitability of mixed feedstock anaerobic digesters.  Mark Mba-Wright, Iowa State
    • 16 January, 2024, 1pm Eastern / 12n Central:
      Life Cycle Analysis of Biomass to Biogas: taking a look at the bigger picture.  Chris Costello, Penn State
    • 20 February, 2024, 1pm Eastern / 12n Central:
      Exploring the Policy Landscape for Livestock Anaerobic Digesters.  Michael Helbing, Ekrem Korkut, Penn State and Iowa State Universities
    • 20 March, 2024, 1pm Eastern / 12n Central:
      Managing Digestate for Crop Production, Reduced Production Costs and Losses to the Environment.  Heather Karsten, Penn State
    • 16 April, 2024, 1pm Eastern / 12n Central:
      Grassland ecosystem impacts: making perennial grass to gas a strategy for regenerative farms.  Matt Helmers, Iowa State University


Attendance is free, but you must register in advance to obtain a log-in code.  Register at

Hosted by Penn State Extension, Iowa State University, and Iowa Learning Farms as part of the CChange Grass to Gas Project