Farm Energy Audits

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This curriculum module on Farm Energy Audits addresses energy audits and energy management plans on farms.    Topics include discussion of the purposes of energy audits, a review of different types of audits, methodologies and standards that apply to on-farm energy audits.


Link to all of the Northeast Farm Energy IQ Curriculum, developed by Extension specialists from Penn State, Rutgers and University of Vermont.

This is part of the Farm Energy Efficiency Curriculum Series:  Farm Energy Efficiency Principles | Energy

Agricultural Energy Efficiency Professional Development Webinar Series

These energy efficiency webinars cover six major agricultural enterprises in depth: Livestock and Poultry, Irrigation, Grain Drying, Greenhouses, Field Operations and Dairy Farms.

This professional development series is supported by funding from North Central SARE.    The project is coordinated by Scott Sanford, Sr. Outreach Specialist at University of Wisconsin.   Information is presented by a team of extension specialists in the North Central region.

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Farm Energy Efficiency Checklist and Tips

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Photo: Vern Grubinger, University of Vermont Extension

Efficient use of energy becomes increasingly important with rising energy costs. Energy efficiency is determined by comparing what is actually produced or performed to what could be produced or performed with the same consumption of energy resources.

Although many changes to improve energy efficiency can usually be implemented immediately on a farm, long term efficiency gains come with planning when new or replacement equipment is purchased or new structures are built.

Reducing the …