Northeast Farm Energy IQ CURRICULUM

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Farm Energy IQ provides a Northeast regional “train the trainer” program to build the capacity and confidence of Ag Service Providers to help farmers enhance operational sustainability in the context of the farm economy and ecosystem of the region.

NE Farm Energy IQ Toolkit for each topic area includes:

  • Module Overview with instructions for presentations to Ag Service Providers (ASP) and Farmers
  • “Train the Trainer” Presentation
  • Farmer Presentation
  • Educational Materials for educators, service providers, and

Bioenergy Resources from the Sun Grant Initiative

The Sun Grant Initiative is a national network of land-grant universities and national laboratories partnering to help build a bio-based economy.

The Sun Grant Initiative facilitates communication and partnership development between universities, national laboratories, federal and state governments, the private sector and public interest groups to lead the nation towards a renewable, sustainable, domestic energy industry. Sun Grant Centers are also charged with reviving America’s farming communities by placing an emphasis on rural economic

Cayuga County Manure Digester Virtual Tour

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Anaerobic digestion is a manure treatment system that produces biogas. There are many benefits of digestion such as reductions in: odor, pathogens, and greenhouse gases (climate change). Producing biogas from manure yields useful by-products.  The economics of digestion are dependent on state energy policies and co-digestion of off-farm wastes to generate revenue.

Cayuga County Regional Digester (New York)

This virtual tour highlights the Cayuga County Soil & Water Conservation District regional digester. This facility receives …

Bioenergy Curriculum

Bioenergy module screen captureA thorough bioenergy curriculum for all audiences, created by over 40 university specialists.

This curriculum from the Bioenergy Training Center was created by over 40 university specialists in the U.S. North Central region to provide unbiased, researched and peer-reviewed information for this emerging field.

Targeted for Extension and other community educators, these resources also provide valuable information for farmers, landowners, community leaders, industry and the inquisitive public. 

Online courses are offered as modules, where learners can choose to study sequentially …