Maximizing Planted Area and Biomass Production in Shrub Willow Bioenergy Fields

Willow Stand Density biomass
Willow stand density. Photo: SUNY-ESF.
A portion of the land area in commercial willow bioenergy fields must be left unplanted for headlands to facilitate efficient machinery operation. Other unplanted areas, if not functional, should be minimized through best-practice targets in order to maximize biomass production and revenues.


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An important consideration for commercial shrub willow crop …

EcoWillow 2.0: An Updated Tool for Financial Analysis of Willow Biomass

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EcoWillow is a financial analysis tool developed by SUNY-ESF that allows users to model the costs and revenues of willow biomass production through every stage of the feedstock life cycle from site preparation through planting, harvesting, and transport to an end user for renewable energy

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double row planter willow
Figure 1. Planting a willow crop in northern New York State using