F. John Hay, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

F. John Hay is an Extension Educator in the Biological Systems Engineering Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln who is focused on energy and biofuels. Throughout his more than 10 years in Extension, his work has been tuned to the educational needs of Nebraskans.

John’s most recent interest has been fuel literacy, an issue that will become increasingly important as more diverse fuel blends become available. He enjoys talking with farmers and non-farmers about the fuel they use, what’s …

Soybeans for Biodiesel Production

The many benefits to using soybean oil in the production of biodiesel include, soybeans are widely grown, the infrastructure and equipment to grow, transport and process them already exists, and the left over soybean meal is important for animal feed. Read more about the advantages and drawbacks of soybeans as a biofuel energy crop.

One ton tote of soybeans


Corn for Biofuel Production

Explore corn as an biofuel crop for the production of ethanol to more completely understand the potential and challenges of growing corn for energy production.

Ear corn. Photo: F. John Hay, Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.



Corn (Zea mays) is a popular feedstock for ethanol production in the …