ReEnergy Holdings: Offering Markets for Biomass in the Northeast

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Biomass fuel is loaded into boilers at ReEnergy’s green energy facilities. Photo: ReEnergy.

ReEnergy Holdings LLC works with willow growers and uses waste and shrub willow wood to generate electricity.

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As a vertically integrated renewable energy company, ReEnergy Holdings LLC is an important link in the Northeast’s bioenergy supply …

Maximizing Planted Area and Biomass Production in Shrub Willow Bioenergy Fields

Willow Stand Density biomass
Willow stand density. Photo: SUNY-ESF.
A portion of the land area in commercial willow bioenergy fields must be left unplanted for headlands to facilitate efficient machinery operation. Other unplanted areas, if not functional, should be minimized through best-practice targets in order to maximize biomass production and revenues.


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An important consideration for commercial shrub willow crop …

EcoWillow 2.0: An Updated Tool for Financial Analysis of Willow Biomass

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EcoWillow is a financial analysis tool developed by SUNY-ESF that allows users to model the costs and revenues of willow biomass production through every stage of the feedstock life cycle from site preparation through planting, harvesting, and transport to an end user for renewable energy

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double row planter willow
Figure 1. Planting a willow crop in northern New York State using


USDA-NIFA (National Institute for Food and Agriculture) currently funds 7 bioenergy Coordinated Agricultural Projects (CAPs) through Agricultural and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Grants. 

AFRI CAPs 2015
AFRI CAP Biofuel Feedstocks and Project Locations

Explore the NIFA Bioenergy CAPs:

Advanced Hardwood Biofuels Northwest (AHB)
Lead Institute:  University of Washington
Awarded:  2011
Feedstock:  Purpose grown woody crops (e.g. poplar)
Conversion platform target: Hybrid bio/thermochemical conversion
Industrial Partners: ZeaChem Inc.

Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA)
Lead Institute:  Washington State University
Awarded:  2011
Feedstock: Forestry residuals

Justin Heavey, State University of New York

Justin Heavey is a senior research support specialist for the Willow Project at the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) in Syracuse, New York. Since 2008, he has been managing energy and sustainability projects in higher education.
In his present work, Justin helps landowners and other stakeholders who grow, use, or are simply interested in bioenergy crops. The expanding willow bioenergy industry in New York State and the Northeast benefits from his technical and

New Holland Agriculture Expands Offerings for Biomass Harvest and Handling

Renewable energy production options are growing thanks to expanded farm equipment capabilities for harvesting biofuel feedstocks like shrub willow. 

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Willow harvester
Case New Holland’s 130 FB coppice header harvesting shrub willow by cutting and chipping the crop in one pass. Photo: SUNY-ESF.


Harvesting is the single most expensive operation in the production of shrub willow biomass, …

Double A Willow Strengthens Biomass Supply Chain by Providing Willow Plantings to Biofuels Industry

As the largest supplier of shrub willow planting stock in the United States, Double A Willow is a critical link between research and the commercial development of renewable energy.

Double A Willow owner, Dennis Rak, with some of his original plantings.





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Double A Willow in Fredonia, New York, is the main source of shrub willow planting material for biomass energy …

Ernst Conservation Seeds Transforms Leftover Biomass into Energy Product

Switchgrass biomass left over after seed harvest had little value for Ernst Conservation Seeds until the company began using it to manufacture pellets.

Switchgrass pellets. Photo credit: Calvin Ernst.

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Ernst Conservation Seeds in Meadville, Pennsylvania has been growing and marketing grass seed for more than fifty …

Terra Green Energy: Pioneers in Torrefaction for Commercial Co-Combustion

A torrefaction demonstration facility employs a patented process to convert biomass into a renewable, energy-dense carbon carrier that functions much like coal, and which can be burned in existing coal-fired power plants


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Torrefaction reactor. Photo credit: Terra Green.

An Innovator in Commercial Torrefaction

Terra …

Research Summary: Biomass Crop Production Benefits from a Wide Spectrum of Marketing Opportunities

ag energy, Switchgrass, biomass energy
Switchgrass. Photo: Dennis Pennington, Bioenergy Educator, Michigan State University.

A wide range of potential markets spans the bioenergy supply chain for biomass crops including switchgrass and miscanthus, and woody plants such as willow.




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Biomass crops such as switchgrass, miscanthus, and shrub willow are not only intended for bioenergy production but for other non-energy market …