Using Combustion Heat for Energy

The end result of combustion is useful energy – typically in the form of heat, power, or both heat and power. This can be used to provide space heating for buildings, process heating for industrial needs, electricity for on-site use or sale to the grid, or the simultaneous generation of heat and electricity (so called “combined heat and power,” or CHP). Most commonly, the combustion heat is captured in the form of hot water, hot air or steam.

Most farms …

How Much Heat Does BioFuel Have?

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There is no simple, single number, useful for all situations, to calculate the amount of energy in a fuel.
When biomass (or any fuel) is combusted, the products are heat, carbon dioxide, ash and water vapor. Hot water vapor, formed as part of the combustion reaction, has quite a …

Using Biodiesel as a Fuel


For many farmers, the task of manufacturing high quality biodiesel fuel is more than they really want to take on. Some farmers opt to provide their oilseed or pressed oil to a professional biodiesel processor, who either pays in cash or in fuel for use on the farm. Others may choose to purchase biodiesel from a nearby producer rather than growing their own. Regardless of whether it’s made on site or obtained from a nearby plant, good quality biodiesel