Using Biodiesel as a Fuel


For many farmers, the task of manufacturing high quality biodiesel fuel is more than they really want to take on. Some farmers opt to provide their oilseed or pressed oil to a professional biodiesel processor, who either pays in cash or in fuel for use on the farm. Others may choose to purchase biodiesel from a nearby producer rather than growing their own. Regardless of whether it’s made on site or obtained from a nearby plant, good quality biodiesel

Introduction to Biogas and Anaerobic Digestion

Harnessing energy from livestock waste.

Intro | Feedstocks | Processing | Utilization

On-farm biogas production has long been a topic of interest for farmers, with historical records of biogas production going back several hundreds of years. In modern livestock production systems, for example, the benefits of producing biogas are significant and include:

  • provision of supplemental renewable energy
  • odor reduction
  • reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases
  • pathogen control
  • waste biostabilization
  • nutrients are preserved and transformed into plant-available forms

The economics of …