Farm Energy Efficiency Principles

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This curriculum module on Farm Energy Efficiency Principles covers the fundamentals of energy systems.  Topics include basic thermodynamics, heat transfer, energy conversion processes and discussion of energy efficiency and specific applications on farms.


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This is part of the Farm Energy Efficiency Curriculum Series:  Farm Energy Efficiency Principles | Energy Audits | EE for Dairy Farms | EE for Greenhouses | EE for Fruit Production | EE for Field Crop Production | EE for Direct Market Farms

This module includes:





Module Author: Tom Manning is an Agricultural Engineer with the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University.  He has worked extensively on improving the energy performance of systems and structures by increasing efficiencies and incorporating new energy sources and innovative energy conversion technologies.  He is currently working on developing techniques for monitoring, understanding and improving energy use in agricultural operations.

If you wish to adapt these curriculum materials for your own educational purposes, please contact the Module Author for permission and files:

Thomas O. Manning, P.E.
Project Engineer
New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Rutgers University
20 Ag. Extension Way, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(908) 310-0244