Biodiesel and Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO)

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This module covers the production and use of Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) and Biodiesel on farms in the Northeast. Topics include differentiating SVO from biodiesel, oilseed crops for SVO and biodiesel, the biodiesel production process, safety and personnel protection, economics of production, energy return and carbon avoidance.

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This is part of the On Farm Energy Production Curriculum Series: 

Bioenergy Feedstock Production | Biodiesel and SVO | Biogas | Wood and Grass Pellets | Solar Electric and Thermal | Wind Power

This module includes:




Module Author, Chris Callahan, is the Agricultural Engineer with UVM Extension.  His work has focuses on postharvest practices in regional food systems, covered growing and sustainable energy practices on farms including biomass heating of greenhouse and crop-based, farm-scale biodiesel for farm use.


If you wish to adapt these curriculum materials for your own educational purposes, please contact the Module Author for permission and files:

Christopher W. Callahan, PE
Agricultural Engineering
UVM Extension
1 Scale Avenue, Ste. 55 – Rutland, VT 05701-4457
802 773 3349 x 277